Camel Polo

Camel Polo is played in Mongolia, Rajasthan, Dubai and now for the first time in Europe we can offer the excitement and glamour of Polo with the novelty of Camels.

Teams of two camels Red v Blue with players with extra long sticks and a bigger ball will battle it out in the arena. There will be a commentary designed to bring out the humour and the skill of the game, and the referee on the pitch will be keeping the ball and the camels going in the right direction. In between the two ten minutes chukkas, the crowd will be invited into the arena to stamp in the divots just like a real Polo match. There will be a short cup giving ceremony at the end of the match for the winning team.

Requirements: Any size arena or a flat area of grass can be used for Polo playing.

We can provide fencing to enclose your arena area.